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This milk carton shaped word flipper will impress your students with it's ability to magically spell words correctly. Simply insert the word card in the top of the Word Wizard and it will spit out a card with the correct spelling from it's mouth. I've included two sets of word cards, 1-1-1 doubling rule & Final Y rule, but you can use this activity for many othe rules, concepts, etc.

  Included : 1 - pre-scored and pre-taped word wizard template

                  2 - pre-scored and pre-taped word chutes

                  2 - sets of word cards


          * 2 small pieces of scotch tape not included

Finished product is 3"x 2.5"x 8"    It takes about 5-10 minues to put together.

Word Wizard

SKU: 00017
  • Sold flat with complete assembling instructions. Finished WordWizard is 

    7.5 mm wide x 21cm height x 6.25 cm deep.

  • Shipped in a large padded envelope.

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