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About Me

      My name is Jean Brewer and I live in  North Vancouver, B.C.  with my beautiful English Bulldog, Oliver.

      I have been an Orton Gillingham tutor associate since 2001 and I also work for the school district as a Special Education Aide. Many years ago I had the opportunity to take the Orton Gillingham course. I absolutely loved it and I was lucky enough to have an awesome teacher, Corey Zylstra. Corey made the course a lot of fun and an enjoyable experience. Once out on my own, as a full fledged tutor, I tried to make my lessons fun and enjoyable too. I found that bright colorful games were a big hit with my students. Other tutors starting asking me to make games for them as well and soon people were asking for my website. So ....... here it is, my J.B. Games site. You'll find games for phonograms, blending, syllables, vowels, ratio's, sightwords and other goodies that will help make your O.G. job easier.

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