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  • Bel'EA'f It or Not is a great overlearning game for your long /ea/ phonogram. Players will spin the wheel to see how many leaves they get. After reading the words on the leaves they will place them on their tree in hopes of collecting the most to receive the Golden Leaf.
  • Easter Egg Hunt - This long /ea/ game will have players hunting for eggs that hold the letters to make 'easter'. Move around the board by reading long /ea/ words. Have fun on your Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Trailing Tails will have players moving around a crazy board in hopes of collecting the tails that they need to complete their 6 animals. Students love this game.
  • c"le" Treasure Hunt - This game covers the 11 c'le' syllables. Players will answer a question with the answer being a c'le' word. Each card they draw could be the key to one of the c'le' treasures.11 c'le' manipulitives are up for grabs in c'le' Treasure Hunt.
  • Turkey Lurky has players collecting feathers for their turkey. Spin to see how many feathers you get, then read the /ur/ words. See if you can collect more feathers than your opponent.
  • Soft C Face Off - Here's a wacky game to drive home the soft 'c' concept. Player's will draw a card and read a soft /c/ word. Once successfully identifying the vowel that comes after the c and reading the word, they will draw a chip out of the bag. The
    chip will indicate the facial part that they will choose. Who will complete their face first?
  • Food Fair has players collecting goodies for their picnic. Players spin to see how many the get to choose then read the /oo/ words on the backs of the cards. The player with the most food collected is the winner.
  • Gentle Giant's Gym is a fun game to add to your soft /g/ lesson. Players will try to score by reading a soft /g/ word and moving their basketball closer to their opponent's net.
  • Vowel Team Decorating is a colorful game that will get your students in the festive mood. Players spin to see how many fun foam lights they get. After reading the vowel team syllable word, they decorate their tree. The player with the most lights will get the star to put on their tree.
  •   Mouse Trap has players racing around the board to get to the mouse hole first. They may have to read an /ou/ word or answer an /ou/ riddle. There's a lot of /ou/ practice in this game.  Have Fun!

Games C.D. #4

SKU: 0004
  • All Games C.D.s contain 10 games along with - C.D., instructions, game parts and all manipulitives to play each game.

  • To save on shipping costs I have decided to start shipping my games in flatter packaging. I will still use the clear plastic clamshell packaging for local orders though.

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