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  •   Battle Boats is a fun game to go along with your /oa/ phonogram lesson. The object of the game is to make 4 /oa/ words before the other player. Each player gets a game board and draws letter cards from the pile in hopes of forming real words. The first player to get all four is the winner.
  • Witches Brew - In this game players will spin to find out how many of the ghoulish ingredients they get to add to their 'brew'.Reading the /tch/ words on the backs of the cards will allow them to place the ingredients in  the witches cauldron. Players with the most ingredients in their cauldron will win the beautiful spider to add to their game board.         
  • We Won Won Won - Reviewing the 1-1-1 Doubling Rule is the goal in this game. Players will draw cards and discover whether their word needs to be doubled or not. Each word card has a word plus a suffix to be added. They will have to follow the 1-1-1 Doubling Rule to be able to correctly spell the new word. If they can land on a space with a soccer ball on it, they score.
  • Suffix -ed - The objective in this game is to hear the 3 different sounds that suffix -ed can make. Players will travel around the '-ed' game board by reading their word cards. Players will then place that card on their sound board in the column appropriate for that sound of -ed. Before the game, players will choose a column that they think will fill up first.
  • Cake Making -  Whose cake will win first prize. Find out by spinning the wheel to see how many candles you get to choose. After successfully reading the v_e word on the back of each candle, the player will start decorating his/her cake with them. The player with the most candles gets the Blue Ribbon.
  • The "dge" Showdown is a game of reading and spelling /dge/ words. Travel around the town by reading or spelling a word card. Once successful, spin the wagon wheel to see how far you travel.The first player to the jail house will sign his name on the Sheriff's badge and become Sheriff of the town.
  • Final 'e' Drop Off is a game to use when re-enforcing the Final 'e' Rule. Players will start in the sky and flip their top card over to reveal their word and it's suffix. They will place a specially designed glass 'e' in the space on the word card. If that word requires dropping the 'e' then the player gets to move down to the next card. The first player to land on the ground is the winner.
  • Cork Run will have players racing to collect as many pieces of cork as they can. Players will take turns reading /or/ word cards and moving their tokens around their track. Whoever collects the most pieces of cork is the winner. Students love this game.
  • Jigsaw Pieces - Collecting your jigsaw pieces for your puzzle is the goal in this game. Successfully read an /aw/ word and move your token. Hopefully you'll land on a star and receive a piece of your puzzle. The first player to complete their puzzle is the winner. The puzzle is the concept of when to use the /aw/ phonogram.
  • Twinkle,Twinkle is a game geared for the /ar/ phonogram. Players will spin to see how many stars they get to pick. They will read the /ar/ words on the backs and then place them in their 'evening sky board.' The player with the most stars in their sky is the winner.

Games C.D. #3

SKU: 0003
  • All Games C.D.s contain 10 games along with - C.D., instructions, game parts and all manipulitives to play each game.

  • To save on shipping costs I have decided to start shipping my games in flatter packaging. I will still use the clear plastic clamshell packaging for local orders though.

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