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  • Bee Keeping is a game that will go along with your zfsl Rule lesson. Players draw a 'zz,ff,ss or ll chip out of the bag and have to find a matching word on their beehive. The first player to cover all their words with bees is the winner of the very special queen bee.
  •  Bingo- Here's a fun game to go along with your 'ng' family lesson. Players will draw a card and read the 'ng' word. Then they will find that object on their bingo cards and cover it. The first player to get a bingo wins.
  •  Have a Ball -  This /all/ game looks so simple but the card deck has a few good twists to it. Players will read /all/ word cards to move around the board trying to be the first one to the finish.
  •  KickoffThe first of two /ck/ games, Kickoff will have players reading /ck/ words to get their yardage in which to move the football. The football game will go back and forth until one player scores.
  • Lucky Siffixes - After teaching a few simple suffixes, this game will help to solidify the concept. Players move around the board by reading words and identifying the suffixes. Each golden shamrock landed on earns the player a fun foam shamrock. Who can collect the most?
  • "nk"Family Tree - This is a really fun game to go along with your 'nk' family lesson. To complete youe family tree and win, you must spinthe wheel and collect different family members. Each family member has an 'nk' word on the back of the card. After successfully reading the card players will add it to their family tree.
  •  Policeman "e" - Here's a game to go along with your Silent 'e' Rule lesson. Players each receive short vowel words that will need a silent 'e' to transform them into a new word. To get an 'e' players must draw a bobby hat card from the pile and hope that there is an 'e' on the back. The first player to transform all their words is the winner.
  •   Queen of Hearts is played very much like the vintage Old Maid game. Players will need to find mates for their /qu/ cards and try not to be the player holding the Queen of Hearts at the end of the game. There's a lot of reading practice in this game.
  • Shoe Shop - This /sh/ game will have players trying to be first in filling up their shop window with shoes. Players spin to see how many shoes they get. After reading the words on the backs of the cards they will place them in there Shoe Shop window.
  • Sock It to Me is my second /ck/ game. Players will spin to receive their socks. After successfully reading the /ck/ word on the back, they will slide it into their laundry basket. After all of the socks have been chosen, lift the basket to see who has more matching pairs of socks.

Games C.D. #2

  • To save on shipping costs I have decided to start shipping my games in flatter packaging. I will still use the clear plastic clamshell packaging for local orders though.

  • All Games C.D.s contain 10 games along with - C.D., instructions, game parts and all manipulitives to play each game.

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