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  • Crystal Mining - y says short /i/ - Make your way around the mine by reading /y/ words to advance your game token. The first player to collect their six crystals and make it out of the mine will be the winner of a huge diamond.
  • Busy Schedule - ch says /k/ - This game keeps players quite busy trying to complete their weekly schedule. Move towards your appointments by reading /ch/ words. Be the first player to complete their schedule and you win!
  • Mightyman - /igh/ - Meet Mightyman, OG's new superhero. Make your way around the game board by reading /igh/ words. Collect as many objects as you can that represent Mightymans' courageous feats of heroism. The player with the most objects is the winner.
  • Around The World - /wor/ - Players make their way around the globe by reading /wor/ words. Collect more flags of the world than your opponent to be the winner of this 'worldly' game.
  • Knock Knock - /kn/ - This hilarious game will keep you giggling to Knock knock jokes. Players make their way around the board by reading /kn/ words. Land on a door and read a Knock Knock joke. The player to collect the most jokes is the winner.
  • My Collections - /ct/- Each player receives a 'Collection Board' that he must fill before his opp ent. Move around the game board by reading /ct/ words and try to collect as many objects as you can.  Good Luck!
  • Dune Buggy Race - /u-e/ - Pick a car and start your engines. Dune Buggy Race challenges players to make it around the course by reading /u-e/ words. Watch out for the road traps along the way!
  • No Longer Bald - /al/ - Players must make their four baldies No Longer Bald. Read /al/ words to advance your game token  around the game board. If you land on a 'wig' space, you'll get to choose a wig for one of your bald heads.
  • Thief Grief - /ie/ says long e - Can your thief make it to the roof of the apartment before getting caught by the police. Ascend the escape ladder by reading /ie/ words and see how much loot you can get  along the way.
  • Dolphin Danger - /ph/ - There are many dangers under the sea for dolphins. Dolphins make their way around the ocean floor by reading /ph/ words. Watch out for all of the dangers though. The first player to the finish gets to sign the Golden Dolphin.

Games C.D. #14

SKU: 0014
  • All Games C.D.s contain 10 games along with - C.D., instructions, game parts and all manipulitives to play each game.

  • To save on shipping costs I have decided to start shipping my games in flatter packaging. I will still use the clear plastic clamshell packaging for local orders though.

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