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  • Beautiful Bivalves  prefix bi- - In this game, players try to collect more bivalves than their opponent.They advance around the game board by first reading a prefix bi- word then giving its definition. A prefix bi- dictionary is available to help the student with the latter. Once this has successfully been accomplished, the player spins the spinner, moves his game token, and hopefully lands on a bivalve space.
  • Multisensory Homes  prefix multi-  -How tall can you build your home? Find out by playing Multistory Homes. Players advance around the game board by reading prefix multi- words. Each time you land on a specially marked space you get to add another story to your home. The player with the tallest home is the winner.  Have fun!!
  • Subzero Climate  prefix sub-  -This game has players jumping from iceberg to iceberg hoping to find a sled dog. Each player takes turns reading prefix sub- words. After successfully reading the word card, the player then spins to advance his token. If he lands on a specially marked iceberg he will add a sled dog to his Sled Dog Team.
  • Terrific Triangles  prefix tri- This is a memory type game with a triangular twist. Players must choose a word card, read it, then match it up with the identical word on their triangle board. The first player to complete their board is the winner.
  • Unicorns Unite  prefix uni-  -This game, United Unicorns, has players racing around their individual paths trying to make it to their unicorn friend first. After successfully reading a prefix uni- word, the players will spin to see how far they can advance their game token. It looks easy but of course there are a few twists in the game.
  • Vault of Valuables suffix -able - Players try to collect as many valuables as they can. Alternating turns, players will read a suffix -able word and spin the spinner to see how many valuables they get to choose. Once all of the valuables have been chosen, the players see who has more valuables in his or her vault. That player is deemed the winner.
  • Aquatic Life  suffix -ic - Here's a fun and colourful game to add to your suffix -ic lesson. Players will read a suffix -ic word and spin the spinner. They then get to choose the number of aquatic animals showing on the spinner. I've added a few special cards to make the game even more fun. Once all of the animals have been chosen, the game is over. The player with the most animals in their ocean is the winner and receives the Golden Dolphin.
  • Tourist Attractions suffix -ist - In this game players fly around the board and try to visit as many tourist attractions as possible. To advance your game token, each player must successfully read a suffix -ist word. The player who visits the most tourist attractions as possible is deemed the winner.
  • Missed Appointments suffix -ment - is a game that will have players trying to make it to as many of their 7 appointments as possible. Each time you land on one of your appointments you will get to turn in the corresponding business card. The player with  the fewest business cards at the finish is the winner. This game goes with your suffix -ment  lesson.    
  • Joyous Occasions suffix -ous - is a game where players must collect occasion cards. First you draw a card from the little box and read the suffix -ous word. Next you hopefully match up the flip side of the word card to the corresponding occasion card on your individual game board. The first player to complete their game board is the winner.

Games C.D. #12

SKU: 0012
Color: Pink
  • All Games C.D.s contain 10 games along with - C.D., instructions, game parts and all manipulitives to play each game.

  • To save on shipping costs I have decided to start shipping my games in flatter packaging. I will still use the clear plastic clamshell packaging for local orders though.

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