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  • Acting Out: suffix  -ing - Race around the game board by acting out '-ing' words. If you land on a piece of burnt popcorn you'll have to pay the price. First player to reach the finish wins the Oscar.
  • Cat's Without Stuff : suffix -less - Players start out having a cat without all it's stuff. They must read -less words to move around the game board in hope of gaining back some of their cat's 'stuff'. Be careful, you may find your cat getting stuck up a tree.
  • Disappearing Frowns: prefix dis-  - The idea of this game is to cover four frowns on the game board before your opponent. Players start out with four Happy Face foamies.While making their way around the board, by reading 'dis-' words,
    they attempt to cover up the frowns. The first player to cover four frowns and make it back to the finish is the winner.
  • Eraser Path:  suffix -er - Players must make their way around the game board by reading clues to which the answer will be an -er word. You can also have the student state whether the answer is a 'person or thing' or whether it is a 'comparative degree'. This will help reenforce the meaning of  -er.
  • Prepare The Prefix: prefix  pre- - In this game each player receives a board consisting of nine definitions to pre- words. Players will draw a card from the pile and match it up on their game board with the correct definition. It gets tricky near the end when you've drawn a card that you already have.
  • Frightful Evening: suffix  -ful - Players make their way around the game board by reading '-ful' words. Landing on a ghost allows you to reach in the black bag in hopes of picking a white ghost. You may pick a black one though. then all your ghosts go back in the bag.Who will end up with the most white ghosts?
  • It's Exciting: prefix  ex- - This prefix ex- game takes players on an outdoor adventure full of 'ex-' words. Make you way around the game board by reading  'ex-' words but watch out for the obstacles along the way. First player to the finish is the winner.
  • Midway Madness: prefix mid-  - Collect as many carnival prizes as you can by moving around the game board and reading (mid-) words. The first player to the finish gets the coveted teddy bear prize.
  • My Delighted Dog: prefix de- - Make your dog happy by collecting as much 'gear' for him as you can. After successfully reading a 'de-' word card you spin the spinner to see how many spaces to move. Hopefully you'll land on a special space and collect a goodie for your dog.
  • Gas Station Blues: suffix -tion - Running out of gas isn't fun and hopefully it won't happen to you. Make your way around the game board by reading -tion words. Try to avoid the empty tank spaces as it will send you back to the gas station. First player to make it to the finish is the winner.

Games C.D. #11

SKU: 00011
  • All Games C.D.s contain 10 games along with - C.D., instructions, game parts and all manipulitives to play each game.

  • To save on shipping costs I have decided to start shipping my games in flatter packaging. I will still use the clear plastic clamshell packaging for local orders though.

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