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C.D. #16 Sightwords

SKU: 10016
  •   Upon request, Ive decided to add sightwords to my list of products. Included on this digital download cd is the following:

     Lesson plan - Completed sightword lesson plan sheet.

    Red Letters - Sheet of red letters spelling out that sightword.

    Red Letters B&W - Some people prefer their red letters to be printed on red       cardstock so I've included the red letters in black and white format.

    Visual - A color picture of that particular sightword

    Mnemonic Visual - a color picture of the mnemonic , this was a lot of work !

    Mnemonic Visual B&W - the same picture in black and white for those of you who prefer to do your own coloring.

    Activity - An over learning activity of fill in the missing letter.

    Wordsearch - Another over learning activity .... it's always nice to have a choice.

    Running record pages - 3 pages
    So that's about it ... there are eight sheets to each sightword. $23.00
    I hope you like them.

     *note - Most of these mnemonics are my own but I have gathered some over the years and unfortunately I don't know the maker of them. So if you see one that you made and don't want it posted please let me know.

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